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Business Payroll

Our payroll bureau service has been developed to provide employers with total peace of mind.

It makes sense to outsource your payroll; it is a complex task that takes up your valuable time - time much better spent focusing on your business.

When the fines for late submission for Real Time Information come into effect in April 2014, you won't have the worry of having to cover your payroll staff's holiday or sickness.

We have worked with many different types of businesses and we know all about Tronc Schemes and Construction Industry Schemes and we will be only to happy to guide you through what can sometimes seem like a maze of regulations.

Some of the benefits The Office Concept can provide are:

Outsourcing payroll also gives your Finance staff more time to concentrate on other work.

You will no longer have to worry when the person responsible for your payroll goes off sick, or moves on. No more expensive training costs. Paying your employees is a legal obligation and cannot be delayed.
We never miss a deadline.

As you probably know, employers are also legally obliged to pay income tax and national insurance on behalf of their staff, and must keep employees payroll details on record, in order to produce an annual return for the Inland Revenue. Employees often agree a net, or take home, wage with their employers, but an employee is always paid a gross wage, with tax and NI deducted and paid to the Inland Revenue by the employer. Some employers might look on this as an additional cost, but it is part of the employee's wage. On top of the gross wage, employers also have to pay an Employer's National Insurance contribution for each employee. There is a big difference between the net wage and the true cost of employing staff, and employers are advised to find out the true cost before agreeing to pay a net wage.

See our net pay table

Grossing up a weekly wage can be difficult for employers with little experience of the UK tax system. Let The Office Concept take all the hassle of payroll off your hands.
We will register you with the Inland Revenue, send you payslip's and notification of your Tax and NIC payments and issue P45's if a member of staff leaves your employment.
We even take care of the dreaded annual employer's return and send your employees their P60's.
If you wish, we can also send security payslip's to your employee's home. Our professional service can be tailored to suit your companies' individual needs.

Please contact us for a quote.

For a rough guide to our charges, click here.

Documents required from new employees

Download Form: P46 (For new employees without a valid P45)

Download Form: P38s (For students, working in their holidays)

Minimum Wage Rates

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